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Leeks, Truffle, Tomatoes & An Anniversary

It’s been a whirlwind of activity since returning from Denver last week. On Saturday, I drove up to San Francisco to spend the day with Dianne Jacob and a host of other aspiring writers (including Patricia from Brownies For Dinner and Joel from Six By 10 Tiny Kitchen) for a workshop on food writing. It wasn’t your typical way to spend a Saturday, but time flew by as the seven of us discussed everything from the state of food writing today to the importance of blogging, to reportingRead More >>

Who Moved My….

…Quiche?! Until I met M, my consumption of French pastries and baked goods was limited to the croissants and fruit tarts from Delifrance which, although good, were a far cry from the flaky, delicious versions offered at your neighborhood boulangerie in France. All the same, I was content with the Singaporean versions of feuillette de poulet, pain au chocolat and a dizzying array of fruit tarts for breakfasts or lunch treats, but could never comprehend the Quiche. I mean, a savory tart?Read More >>

Chops & Sauce

Like most Chinese, I grew up on a diet that included pork prepared in a variety of ways; there was minced and lean pork with noodles, pork meatballs in porridge, pork ribs simmered in herbal soups, steamed with tofu, braised in soya sauce…and so on. While I loved these interpretations of the meat, there was only one that really got my heart – Deep Fried Pork Chops. Yup, you read that right. At this point (and after my professed love for mind-blowingly rich, heart-stoppingRead More >>

Simple Salmon

I was 18 when Salmon Fever hit my family. We started having the fish in myriad forms a few dinners a week – there was grilled salmon, poached salmon, salmon curries, salmon steaks….as many as my mother’s inspiration allowed. Due to its nutritional value (convincing my mother that this was the solution to counter-balance the cholesterol in our diet), and also due to the hard-working marketing efforts of salmon importers in Singapore, the oily pink fish became a regular fixtureRead More >>

Two ways with crab (and then some)

I love crab. Almost as much as I love other shellfish like lobsters and mussels, but as a Singaporean, crabs have a certain sentimentality borne out of endless meals of finger-licking goodness. I was well-trained in the art of crab degustation as a child, a skill honed over the course of many crab feasts at home. Sri Lankan Mud Crabs were our species of choice, with their thick, blood-red pincers and juicy flesh forming the essential building blocks for local favorites: Singapore Chili CrabRead More >>

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