Beautiful Land

My friend, Michelle Tam of Nom Nom Paleo was invited to the inaugural Women’s Meat Camp hosted by the Belcampo Meat Company and brought me along as her tent-mate and photographer. It was a four-day all-girls’ extravaganza featuring butchery and open-fire cooking of some fine cuts of meat, accompanied by: copious amounts of rosé, cocktails, yoga on the lawn, hands-on sausage-making, farm walks, hair-braiding, story-telling, grilled peaches and hand-churned ice-cream. My Instagram feed offered a preview of the fun we got into, but here’s a “proper” (ie, larger) selection of images from the weekend. Don’t forget to turn up the volume!

One of our camp mates worked on Belcampo’s brand strategy prior to its launch, and as she tells it, the search for the right name faced numerous parameters that diminished the prospects of an eventual selection the more it grew. They finally settled on the coupling of two Italian words: Bel Campo. Beautiful Land. The choice speaks for itself and for the values that this company holds dear: doing meat right, at scale, on large swathes of farmland in the Shasta Valley. I hope they stay around for a while.

The next Meat Camp happens October 16-18, head over to the Belcampo website for more details and to register.

Other Meat Camp reflections:

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