Pedro and Dayana Schambon’s Chicken Coop – A Guest Post

I know I promised you a recipe “soon”, but between the previous post and now, life has gotten in the way, in the form of photography (where I taught) and yoga (where I was student) workshops that left me with just enough time and energy to meet deadlines and clients’ needs. I am happy though, to introduce you to the work of my friend, Pauline Stevens, based in Austin, TX. I met Pauline at Photomuse last November and became a big fan of her work. She has an eye for capturing the essence of a person or place that gives you pause and entices you to linger. Given our shared interest in photographing farms, people and all things food-related, I thought you’d enjoy her work too, so we’ve done a blog swap of sorts for our latest farm profiles. You can check out my story about Tomales’ Stemple Creek Ranch on her site, The Kitchen Press. Enjoy!

Bought in an auction for $30.00 dollars, this old trailer found a good use as Dayana’s happy chicken home. Snake and spider proof,  the old trailer  is not only functional (almost self suficient) but pretty cute as well.

With its own recycled water system, the tank is  filled with rain water so Dayana  hardly ever needs to fill it up. The large tank in the back can hold a week worth of food changing from a daily ordeal to a week’s ordeal.   The door is cranked closed at night so the chickens are safe and Pedro can sleep with no worries of predators getting to them.

The best of all is that it is also portable! If you are a farmer, as Pedro and Dayana are, the mobility of the trailer translates to well fed chickens which lead to rich yellow egg yolks and well fertilized soil.

“We spent so much time building  this chicken coop, that the only thing missing is WIFI and a shower” Pedro said.

The Schambons are still thinking of ways to improve Dayana’s  happy chicken home. “What about adding  a solar panel to automatically crank the door open in the morning,”  Pedro said.

“It is not too bad opening it myself, but it would make my job a lot easier! ”

Sounds like a clever idea to me!


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