Oregon Weekend & Giveaway Winner

Dungeness Crab

Dungeness Crabs

Silver Salmon

Last weekend was pretty special. Travel Oregon hosted* a bunch of food writers and bloggers for a weekend extravaganza of crabbing, fishing, foraging, rafting, eating, drinking, preserving, cocktail-making, and more. The state has always been on my ‘To-Visit’ list, especially as it’s right next door to us, and this trip was the perfect opportunity to sample a bit of everything it had to offer.

I went fishing and crabbing for the first time, on the Columbia River (which runs between Oregon and Washington), and loved every minute of it. I sampled local beers in Astoria, and, though not much of a beer drinker, found one (the Golden Goose) that was actually delicious. I got to know some really wonderful people, and connected with others who, up till then, were just Twitter avatars within the Beyond the Plate universe. And, of course, I ate really well, from granola to Savarin, cappuccino to Tempranillo, there wasn’t a waking hour when we weren’t tasting, comparing, quaffing, sniffing or talking about food or drink. I’m still processing the memories (and images!) from a whirlwind trip, so look out for a longer post on that in the coming weeks. But I couldn’t wait to dive into the many images from the weekend, so here are a few of my favorites to share.

*Disclosure: I wasn’t paid for the trip, but my meals, accommodation and transport for the weekend were covered by Travel Oregon.


And now, on to the meat of this post. I picked a winner for the giveaway using Random.org, excluding comments that didn’t answer the question posed. There were 59 eligible comments, and the winner is #53: Francesca Holland. Congratulations Francesca! I’ll be in touch soon on how to claim your prize. Thanks to everyone who participated and shared your stories!



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  2. Danielle. If you aren’t already sick of my gushing, you probably will be soon, but, seriously, your photos are so. freaking. good. I love them. I couldn’t wait to see some of your Oregon shots, and they did not disappoint. Beautiful!

  3. Danielle, it was wonderful to share time with you in such pretty surroundings. I especially like seeing the trip through your lens — both literally and figuratively — and hope we’ll get a lot more time together in the coming months.

    In fact, I propose we organize our own Full On Silicon Valley trip and go exploring one Sunday with our cameras… come on, LET’S DO IT!

  4. Danielle

    @Cheryl: A Full On Silicon Valley weekend would be awesome. We should start at the Computer History Museum just right by my place, and see if any one of us is still standing after that 😉

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