Egg Salad & Design*Sponge Feature

Summer Egg Salad

When I got an email from Kristina Gill, the editor of Design*Sponge’sIn The Kitchen With” column, asking if I was interested to contribute a recipe, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Then I started whooping with excitement. I’m a big fan of the site (especially their “In The Kitchen With” and “Sneak Peeks” columns), so being featured is a blogger’s dream come true of sorts. I guess I can retire from blogging now….NOT!

When we were discussing about recipes to feature I immediately thought about this egg salad, my reliably tasty option for a quick working lunch. Add a few herbs, a generous amount of mustard and fruity olive oil and you’ve got a one-stop meal in your hands. It’s also the best way to ensure a clean bowl when you’re done – because you’ll be busy scraping up the final bits with the remaining scraps of bread, wondering why you didn’t make more. Curious? Then head over to the site for the recipe and more photos. Thank you Kristina for inviting me to contribute – I had a blast!

Summer Egg Salad


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