About the last post…

The last time I played some sort of an April Fool’s prank was in high school when our class of 15 decided it was a good idea to hide behind the curtains and closet doors while our teacher left to run an errand. I wish we had a camera to record the look on his face to return to an eerily empty class, bags and desks untouched.

Inspired by Wrightfood’s posts of the past two years, the idea for Les Terroiristes sprung out of mischief one morning two weeks ago, on the back of our conversations about a life in France, 10 to 15 years from now. More than just an April Fool’s joke, it’s an aspirational post where I pulled out the stops and dreamed big:

An 8-burner gas range in a 19th-century house? We’ll make it work.

Making our own wine and cheese? Why not?

The icing on the cake though, has got to be the prospect of M, the tech guy, ditch codes and networks for good old craftsmanship to build his ‘Man Cave’.

Oh, and let’s not forget the wine ‘label’, which I’m particularly proud of (thank you Photoshop!), or the miniature cows that M painstakingly illustrated on our business ‘blueprint’.

I hope you enjoyed it, and while most of you may be disappointed that this plan isn’t happening anytime soon – well, wait and see!


  1. Danielle!!! You rock!! I love your dream.. I would love to move to the French countryside too.. no clue how a city girl who can’t even imagine living in the suburbs can even relate to the countryside and DIY life but I feel like it..

    perhaps, we should start off together 😉 city couples supporting each other and laughing at our growing pains ;-)))

    Happy April!!!

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