Food Photography Workshop

food photography workshop san francisco

I don’t do a lot of tooting of my own horn on this blog, save for the occasional announcement, so telling you about my upcoming project feels a little strange, but definitely something I could get used to.

I’m working with the folks over at Digital Media Playground, a platform that brings together professionals in digital videography and photography to offer workshops for those looking to pick up or hone their skills in any of these areas. Denise and Lenny (the inimitable duo over at Chez Us) invited me to come on board to teach food photography for beginners and I’m excited that this workshop is happening soon!

As in, next Saturday, November 13. Yes, that soon.

It’s happening in downtown San Francisco, for a small group (up to 10 participants), so that everyone can spend some quality time exploring the different aspects of creating a photograph. I know that weekends are precious, but if you’re planning to be in the area next weekend, and fancy spending a day getting to know your camera better, meeting new people and exchanging ideas about how to make a bunch of carrots look incredibly sexy, well, this might be the perfect activity for you.

Tickets and more information about the agenda are available here. Hope to see you there!!


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