New Orleans

I am knee-deep in Photoshop, sorting through a whole bunch of pictures from our trip to New Orleans. We spent a whole week out there – M, for a conference, and me, getting to know the city beyond its French Quarter and bowls of gumbo.

From urban farmer to bookshop owner to popsicle vendor to chef, across everyone I met, there was a tangible passion, a fierce loyalty and love for N’Awlins. Add to that a food scene that has found its second wind, a strong commitment to local and organic produce, and some of the finest moonshine on offer, it was enough for M to start checking out property prices and envisioning a life out in the Big Easy.

While that dream is still light years away from becoming reality, fortunately for you, my stories from the trip are unfurling themselves on the screen almost as easily as the Southern twang rolled off my tongue. I like to think I’ve mastered the “Hey y’all” greeting quite nicely, perhaps a couple more glasses of Moonshine might do the trick to bring out my inner Southern belle.

More stories to come in the next week, so watch this space!


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  2. I am a retired waiter who worked at the top restaurants in the vieux carre in the 70’s. Terrific site! Keep up the good work and visit my pets and i as we tell our tales about all the great places we worked. My site is dedicated to all my brothers and sisters in the business. FOR-SURE!

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