Commonwealth San Francisco

Last weekend, I had the privilege of peeking behind the proverbial curtain for one of San Francisco’s newest restaurants. Commonwealth, of Mission Street Food heritage, was four days away from opening its doors and I spent a day in the kitchen photographing its chefs and menu for their website.

Billing itself as a “Progressive American” restaurant, the menu is inventive and refreshing, employing the full range between heat and sub-zero temperatures for savory and sweet dishes alike. With a team of Bar Tartine alumni, these are experienced hands at Commonwealth’s stoves, and its soft opening over the weekend clearly demonstrated that. There were some nerves on the floor, which is to be expected, but the quality of the dishes were excellent (don’t miss the compressed watermelon salad or the gnocchi) and at this very reasonable price point ($60 for a five-course chef’s tasting menu; $90 with wine pairings), dining at Commonwealth becomes a very compelling proposition. Here are some images from the shoot to share, and if you’re going to be in town for BlogHer Food come October, be sure to book a table – not only will you have a delicious meal, you’d also be giving something back to the community.

A big thank you to Jason, Ian and the team for allowing me to snap away in the kitchen as they prepped one dish after another with clockwork precision. The biggest highlight of an already awesome day? Watching liquid nitrogen freeze summer berries in minutes. Now I just need a refrigerator big enough to contain this 4 liter tank.

2224 Mission Street, San Francisco CA


  1. El

    Oh Danielle the photo are amazing. Definitely gorgeous, compelling and artful. I especially love the way you captured the team in action. Makes it look more like a restaurant in Europe than in the US. Also, makes me wish I lived closer so I could eat there! Congrats!!

  2. Oh man, Danielle! Congratulations. Incredible images…One of my coworkers just went to Commonwealth the other night and said it was fabulous. He did mention that they seem to have a love for foam, but other than that really loved it. After seeing your photos, I really can’t wait to check it out.

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