In Transit

Going to try out a new approach to travel blogging for the next two weeks I’m in Southeast Asia, with short photo essays of events and moments that shape my days. Of course, if I can get WordPress on the iPhone to do my bidding, publishing each post would be a lot easier (not to mention it would make AT&T very happy), but hey, accessing the interwebs on-the-go is all part of the fun. With some snaps from the layover at Narita Airport, here we go…..


  1. outsideoslo

    What a fabulous way to document your travels and relive them each time you revisit the photos. I just got back from a road trip in Europe, and writing about the last night in Paris–with some selected photos–was such a wonderful way to recapture all the wonder of the city we experienced during that short visit in the 6th.

    Here’s the link to the post, in case you’re interested in seeing it:

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