Ice-cream & Fruit


I’ve signed myself up for a monthly series of photo remakes on Flickr to hone my photography skills while savoring tempting food shots by other photographers. Hosted by Lara Ferroni of the amazing food photography site Still Life With…, each month presents a new image that Lara selects for the group to replicate over the course of the month and submit their results to the group pool for feedback and compliments. It’s a pretty exciting way to learn. Past images include Nutella on toast (Yum!) and a table setting of pasta and wine by Australian photographer Chris Chen. This month’s challenge is ice-cream and fruit, inspired by one of Lara’s images:


I had lots of fun with it. With home-made vanilla bean ice-cream sitting in the freezer and apricots in season, I mulled over colors and shapes before actually setting to work. The lighting was a cinch to set-up with my table-top Lowel Ego, and I was fortunate that the ice-cream took its time to disintegrate into vanilla mush, giving me the freedom to experiment with a variety of angles, focal lengths and perspectives. Needless to say, I was as trigger-happy as can be. If you’re interested to participate in July’s remake, head over to the Flickr group for more information, introduce yourself and start shooting!

SLW Photo Remake_June


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