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BBA Challenge #4 – Brioche, je t’aime

Ahhhhh la brioche! Any cookbook with a brioche recipe has a guaranteed spot on my shelf. I cannot adequately express the depth of my love affair with this buttery cake-like bread, how I spent so many days and nights fantasizing about its airy texture and indulgently rich crumb, mentally walking through each step of Damien Pignolet’s formula, before finally making my first attempt 3 years ago. Armed with a wooden spoon and tons of elbow grease, I finally mustered the courage to bake myRead More >>

BBA Challenge #3 – Bagels

I present to you, the Recession Bagel. One of these stiff chewy rings will last you a day’s lunch and dinner – assuming of course, that you have an average Asian appetite like mine and are not training for an Ironman or Sumo event (in which case, I’d give you two). Reinhart’s recipe, which required the dough to be shaped into 4 1/2-ounce rolls, were meant to deliver 12 large bagels or 24 mini-bagels. Thinking that ‘large’ couldn’t be all that large, IRead More >>

BBA Challenge #2 – Artos, Greek Celebration Breads

My days have been filled with yeast, flour, gluten, enzymes, and all things bread-related as I catch up with the rest of the food bloggers on the Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge. Artos is the second recipe in Reinhart’s book, a master recipe for a variety of Greek Celebration breads which are baked and blessed during services at the Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Catholic churches. The name itself meant “leavened bread” in ancient Greek, but today is used to refer toRead More >>

BBA Challenge – Anadama Bread

So! I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon, joining more than 200 other food bloggers around the world on the Bread Baker’s Apprentice (BBA) Challenge. Organized by Nicole at Pinch My Salt, the idea is to work through all the recipes in Peter Reinhart’s book, Bread Baker’s Apprentice: Mastering the Art of Extraordinary Bread, a week at a time. You can read more about the Challenge here and bake along if you’re interested. We start with Anadama Bread, a traditional NewRead More >>

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