Homemade Nutella

The Season For Giving

Why buy Nutella when you can make your own? Here’s a grown-up version employing cacao nibs and a dash of groundRead More >>

Fig Almond Torte

Fig Torte & A Paper Lovely Giveaway

Brown Turkey figs dressed up with rum and almond meal in this delicious torte make for a quick and easy afternoonRead More >>

Pear Dulce De Leche Pie

Getting a little creative with this Fall pie featuring the sweetest Bartlett pears in a Dulce de Leche bath.Read More >>

Kumquat Coconut Cupcakes And A Giveaway

Recipe for cupcakes with a Kumquat filling and Coconut buttercream, plus a giveaway!Read More >>

Farm Together Now Book Giveaway

Farm Together Now Book Giveaway!

Presenting Beyond the Plate’s first book giveaway! Farm Together Now (Chronicle Books) presents the inspiredRead More >>

Middle Eastern Orange Cake

It’s September 12 on the other side of the world as I type this post about an orange cake from the Middle EastRead More >>

Bomboloni & Meyer Lemon Curd

Bomboloni + Meyer Lemon Curd

Bomboloni (Italian donuts) and Meyer Lemon Curd: food for thought on happiness and life’s blessings.Read More >>

Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips

If you were to ask M and me, separately, the story of how we met, you’re going to get two very different versions. AndRead More >>

Mysore, India

On India, yoga, diet and the importance of letting go.Read More >>

Penny de los Santos in San Francisco

An Inspired Sunday

Award-winning photographer Penny De Los Santos comes to San Francisco and teaches us a thing or two about makingRead More >>

Apple Tarts (Tarte Aux Pommes)

Among all the fruits in the world, I’m probably most apathetic towards apples. Perhaps it’s the time itRead More >>

leek gratin

Let’s Lunch: Leek Gratin

Leek gratin: sweet leeks, bathed in cream and grated cheese brought to life with a dash of nutmeg and a few minutesRead More >>

Pumpkin Soup & Chanterelles

Pumpkin Soup With Buttered Chanterelles

Lusciously creamy pumpkin soup with buttered chanterelles and thyme for some warm comfort in the colder months.Read More >>

Kale Cranberry Salad

Kale, Cranberry & Quinoa Salad

In this holiday season where it’s easy to forget why we’re braving the crowds or baking ourselves into a frenzy, thisRead More >>

Kaya Toast

Kaya Toast

Homemade Kaya Toast: A concoction of fresh eggs, coconut milk and sugar, infused with the heady scent of pandan leaves,Read More >>

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