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Polenta + Roasted Persimmons

Mind-blowing heirloom corn polenta meets gently roasted persimmons in this perfect dish for Fall.Read More >>

Pea Ricotta Spread

Pea Ricotta Spread

Welcoming Spring with this Pea Ricotta spread featuring the essence of peas, the earthiness of roasted garlic and lively notes of fresh mint.Read More >>

Kale Cranberry Salad

Kale, Cranberry & Quinoa Salad

In this holiday season where it’s easy to forget why we’re braving the crowds or baking ourselves into a frenzy, this salad will give you pause to breathe and recharge.Read More >>

leek gratin

Let’s Lunch: Leek Gratin

Leek gratin: sweet leeks, bathed in cream and grated cheese brought to life with a dash of nutmeg and a few minutes under the broiler.Read More >>

Broccolini & Garlic

Easy Broccolini

A confession of my strong aversion to vegetables as a child, and how I compensate for it now by eating copious amounts of tender Broccolini sauteed in olive oil.Read More >>

Leeks, Truffle, Tomatoes & An Anniversary

It’s been a whirlwind of activity since returning from Denver last week. On Saturday, I drove up to San Francisco to spend the day with Dianne Jacob and a host of other aspiring writers (including Patricia from Brownies For Dinner and Joel from Six By 10 Tiny Kitchen) for a workshop on food writing. It wasn’t your typical way to spend a Saturday, but time flew by as the seven of us discussed everything from the state of food writing today to the importance of blogging, to reportingRead More >>

Meat On A Stick

August 9 was Singapore’s independence day, a day that usually passes like any other save for the three hours in the evening when everyone would tune into the live broadcast of the National Day Parade. An annual ritual, this prestigious event represents the culmination of a year of planning, rehearsals and an impressive feat of logistical coordination. It is, after all, Singapore’s moment to showcase what we’ve been up to in the past year, and no mis-steps are allowed. IRead More >>

Two ways with crab (and then some)

I love crab. Almost as much as I love other shellfish like lobsters and mussels, but as a Singaporean, crabs have a certain sentimentality borne out of endless meals of finger-licking goodness. I was well-trained in the art of crab degustation as a child, a skill honed over the course of many crab feasts at home. Sri Lankan Mud Crabs were our species of choice, with their thick, blood-red pincers and juicy flesh forming the essential building blocks for local favorites: Singapore Chili CrabRead More >>

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