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Spaghetti Carbonara

Pasta Carbonara

Are homecooked meals an impossibility? This Pasta Carbonara recipe might change your mind.

Sweet potato gnocchi with chanterelles brown butter and sage

Sweet Potato Gnocchi, Chanterelles, Sage

A new use for the humble sweet potato: Gnocchi! Paired with chanterelles, tossed in brown butter and dressed up with sage for a satisfying meal.

Risotto With Peas And Prawns

Dear Peas, An apology is long overdue. For most of my life, I avoided you like the plague, because of your wrinkled, dull green appearance when cooked, and the bland, powdery-like consistency of your frozen counterparts when tossed with carrots and corns in a sad excuse for a ‘mixed vegetable‘ stir-fry. Your cousins, the Snow Peas, were just about the only fresh peas we got in Singapore, being more resilient and travel-savvy than you are. But their thick, rubbery skins yielded an

Leek, Mushroom & Egg Linguine

Last night’s dinner was literally put together on the fly. It had been another hot day, M was away for work, I wasn’t in the mood to cook and even contemplated running out for a take-away. But time passed and soon, it was 7:30. Too late to drive out for food, or to concoct anything too time-consuming. With some freshly-plucked tomatoes pleading to be eaten, I had visions of a light linguine dish with garlic, cherry tomatoes, olive oil and a sprinkling of basil. Inspired, I prepared

P r e s s
C a t e g o r i e s
L i n k s
A r c h i v e s