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Giveaway Winner & Toe-May-Toes

Announcing the winner of an i love blue sea gift card and a little update on our tomatoes.Read More >>

Gardening Therapy

When nothing goes right, having a garden to tend to is one of the best (and inexpensive) therapies available. An update on our 2011 summer garden filled with heirloom tomatoes, beans, broccoli and more.Read More >>

Vegetable Patch

An update on the state of our little vegetable patch.Read More >>


Grow Your Vegetables

We’re starting our own vegetable patch, come take a look!Read More >>

The Harvest

It’s such a joy to return home after some time away to be greeted, not by a furry four-legged creature with a wagging tail, but these ruby gems of anti-oxidants and good health, all plucked and ready for the next meal. We prepared them in a salad with a handful of garden-grown arugula, tossed in an olive oil, white wine and lemon vinaigrette. These tomatoes were sweet beyond belief, providing the perfect counterfoil to the spicy bite of the arugula. Delicious.Read More >>

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