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The Days Are Full

Stopping by to say Hi after a packed summer

Saying Less

Easing back into the blogging swing of things by saying

PhotoMuse Austin 2011

On Being Creative

Reflections on PhotoMuse 2011, the changes, the growth

About the last post…

The last time I played some sort of an April Fool’

Spaghetti Carbonara

Pasta Carbonara

Are homecooked meals an impossibility? This Pasta

Thanksgiving 2010: Begetting Traditions

Our first home-cooked Thanksgiving dinner, courtesy of

Fall leaves blue rainboots


Cultivating gratitude for everything in life.

From Alien to Resident

“This is to notify you that your application for

The Life List

So this is what happens when you’re jet-lagged

Macaron Fever

The goal: The process: Me: (Photo credit here) Yup,

What I’ve Been Up To…

After sharing the pear pie with you on Tuesday, we

World Bread Day 09: Moroccan bread & Baba Ganoush

Did you know that today was World Bread Day? No? Well,

In Retrospect: A Month Of Desserts

In this age of Calorie Restriction and other fad diets

Tamarine: A Modern Vietnamese Restaurant

Tamarine Restaurant in downtown Palo Alto is the sort

Six Thoughts On BlogHer Food 2009

Photo courtesy of Arnold at You would have

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