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A Fresh Start: Spring Cleanse

Thoughts on doing a seasonal Ayurvedic cleanse and a bit of a rant on the media’s obsession with lecturing us on what a healthy lifestyle should be. Also, a recipe for Kitchari, Ayurveda’s ‘perfect food’.Read More >>

Reminiscing Ice-Cream

Thinking about ice-cream and the decisive moment – of the visual kind.Read More >>

The Days Are Full

Stopping by to say Hi after a packed summer photographing for Napa’s newest restaurant, BlogHer 2012 and a short video about a Kansas City smoke-master.Read More >>

Saying Less

Easing back into the blogging swing of things by saying less and some photos from the holidays.Read More >>

PhotoMuse Austin 2011

On Being Creative

Reflections on PhotoMuse 2011, the changes, the growth and the transformation, and being thankful for all of it.Read More >>

About the last post…

The last time I played some sort of an April Fool’s prank was in high school when our class of 15 decided it was a good idea to hide behind the curtains and closet doors while our teacher left to run an errand. I wish we had a camera to record the look on his face to return to an eerily empty class, bags and desks untouched.Read More >>

Spaghetti Carbonara

Pasta Carbonara

Are homecooked meals an impossibility? This Pasta Carbonara recipe might change your mind.Read More >>

Thanksgiving 2010: Begetting Traditions

Our first home-cooked Thanksgiving dinner, courtesy of a menu from Dorie Greenspan’s newest book, Around My French Table.Read More >>

Fall leaves blue rainboots


Cultivating gratitude for everything in life.

From Alien to Resident

“This is to notify you that your application for permanent residence has been approved.” After three years, five needle jabs and navigating the beast that is US immigration laws and visas, we’re finally here. We’ve transitioned from ‘Legal Aliens’ to ‘Residents’. Which is a pity. I enjoyed referring to myself as an ‘Alien’. But this new status means: No more insane waiting times to clear immigration after a 16-hour flight. No moreRead More >>

The Life List

So this is what happens when you’re jet-lagged and find yourself lying awake in bed thinking about everything else but sleep itself. Thinking about Life, in fact. It’s a habit of mine to muse about the hopes, joys and worries of the moment during the last waking moments of the day. They’re usually brief encounters (fortunately), but when it’s been two straight days of tossing and turning, a lot of musing gets done and a long-awaited post finally materializes. This postRead More >>

Macaron Fever

The goal: The process: Me: (Photo credit here) Yup, that’s pretty much what I’ve been caught up with for the past few days in the mad rush to get our Christmas goodies and gifts ready before we leave on Friday. I’ve lost count of the number of macaron-baking sessions I’ve had since the third and fourth attempts, which means too many wrinkled/cracked/hardened-macaron-shell-wannabes have left my oven over the past month. Way too many to be funny. The good news is,Read More >>

What I’ve Been Up To…

After sharing the pear pie with you on Tuesday, we hopped onto a plane and landed in Denver just in time for…the first major winter storm of the season. Blanketing pretty much all of Colorado in a coat of white ice, the past few days have been a thrilling but nerve-wrecking experience, driving through slush and icy road conditions with limited visibility. In the words of our waiter at Fogo de Chao, “You guys chose a bad time to come to Denver!!” But did that stop me fromRead More >>

World Bread Day 09: Moroccan bread & Baba Ganoush

Did you know that today was World Bread Day? No? Well, not to worry because I didn’t either, until a week ago when I stumbled across Kochtopf’s post about the event. An initiative of the International Union of Bakers & Baker-Confectioners, the organization selected October 16 to commemorate the joys of bread to coincide with World Food Day, which also marks the founding of UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in 1945. This year’s theme is “AchievingRead More >>

In Retrospect: A Month Of Desserts

In this age of Calorie Restriction and other fad diets, the concept of preparing 30 creamy, luscious, waistline-expanding desserts over the span of a month sounds almost counter-intuitive. Especially if you’re only a household of two. I’ve been asked by different folks a variety of questions about the nuts and bolts of carrying out a project like this, so I’ve listed my thoughts based on the 5 “P”s that I found important to note when creating your ownRead More >>

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