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Ngoh Hiang (Chinese Five-Spice Pork Roll)

After my last appearance on Rasa Malaysia, Bee and I started talking about another popular dish: Five-spice pork rolls wrapped in beancurd skins, a standard issue at festive meals for the Chinese in Singapore and Malaysia. Named after the Chinese five spice powder that gives the rolls their unique flavor, Ngoh Hiang (五香) (or Loh Bak, as it’s known in Malaysia), is another take on the pork sausage, if you will. A whole array of ingredients are stirred into a pound of fatty ground pork,

Claypot Chicken Rice (Guest Post)

For your reading pleasure, I’m hanging out at Rasa Malaysia talking about the joys of slow cooking with a traditional Chinese implement: The Claypot. Head over to read about my mother’s Claypot Chicken Rice and try it out for yourself!

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C a t e g o r i e s
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