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Cooking En Papillote & A Photowalk

Fish en papillotte

Cooking en papillote is a fuss-free and healthy way of preparing fish and the perfect vehicle for showcasing seasonal ingredients.

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Zest Bakery & Gluten-free Grapefruit Bars

Zest Bakery owners: Charissa & Patrick Luke

Meet Patrick & Charissa Luke, owners and bakers at Zest Bakery, a dedicated gluten-free bakery in San Carlos, CA. Plus, a recipe for triple grapefruit bars!

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Pasta Carbonara

Spaghetti Carbonara

Are homecooked meals an impossibility? This Pasta Carbonara recipe might change your mind.

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Otak-Otak (Spicy Fish Paste in Banana Leaves)

Singapore Otak; Kaffir lime leaves

Time-honored family recipes nicely type-setted and bound into a soft notebook: an antidote to home-sickness and a recipe for Otak-Otak, spicy fish paste in banana leaves.

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Pampero Ranch & Braised Beef Shanks

Pampero Ranch, Californian grass-fed longhorn beef

How far would you go to replicate a compelling food memory? For James Frei, his love affair with Longhorn beef led to the establishment of Pampero Ranch, a Bay Area supplier of grass-fed, organic Longhorn and Beefalo beef. Plus, recipes for Braised Beef Shanks and Garlic Mashed Potatoes!

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