Monthly Archives: March 2010

An Inspired Sunday

Award-winning photographer Penny De Los Santos comes to San Francisco and teaches us a thing or two about making pictures.Read More >>

Fish & Chips

If you were to ask M and me, separately, the story of how we met, you’re going to get two very different versions. And it’s all because of Fish & Chips and their associates on any standard pub grub menu.Read More >>

BBA French Bread & Chanterelles

French Bread from the BBA Challenge and the joys of the Chanterelle.Read More >>

Let’s Lunch! Stir-Fried Asparagus With Shrimp

Busting out my wok for slender asparagus spears stir-fried with marinated shrimp and shiitake mushrooms.Read More >>

Underground Dining

On any given Sunday, receiving an invite to a “secret supper” somewhere in Oakland is usually a suspicious prospect. Except when you’re invited by Canvas Underground to eat in a foreclosed Victorian.Read More >>

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