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The Life List

Burgundy sky_BtP

So this is what happens when you’re jet-lagged and find yourself lying awake in bed thinking about everything else but sleep itself. Thinking about Life, in fact. It’s a habit of mine to muse about the hopes, joys and worries of the moment during the last waking moments of the day. They’re usually brief encounters […]

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Let’s Lunch! – Thai Green Curry

Thai Green Curry with Seafood

Well, Hello There. It’s been a while hasn’t it? All this holiday travelling, feasting, gift-giving, Champagne-ing, laughing and celebrating sure sweeps you through time like a magic carpet. We spent the last week of 2009 in rainy and cold Burgundy, marvelling at the acres and acres of vines, discovering the joys of French phonetics with […]

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E x t r a s
P r e s s
I n d e x