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Christmas Dessert: Ginger Custard With Chocolate & Hazelnuts

Winter dessert: Ginger Custard with Chocolate & Hazelnuts

Happy Christmas Eve eve!! After an indulgent start with a brandade and creamed eggs with salmon roe, a nutritious interlude with the crab salad and spicy lemon dressing, and a pork roast to push the limits of satiety, here’s an easy dessert to round things off. If you’re looking for a fuss-free dessert that’s easily dressed […]

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Christmas Dinner: Slow-Roasted Pork Shoulder

Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder

Bonjour from snowy Alsace! After a 40-hour journey that brought us through four airports, a major winter storm and bone-chilling temperatures, we’re finally warm, fed and rested at my in-laws’. Continuing with the main course for our virtual Christmas dinner (you didn’t think I’d forget would you?), here’s one that will make a dramatic entrance […]

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Macaron Fever

wtf cat

The goal: The process: Me: (Photo credit here) Yup, that’s pretty much what I’ve been caught up with for the past few days in the mad rush to get our Christmas goodies and gifts ready before we leave on Friday. I’ve lost count of the number of macaron-baking sessions I’ve had since the third and […]

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Christmas Dinner Part Two: Crab Salad With Spicy Lemon Dressing

Crab salad2

The next course in Bon Vivant’s virtual Christmas dinner: a Nobu-inspired crab salad with spicy lemon dressing to refresh the palate and aid digestion.

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Spiced Persimmon Panna Cotta With Glazed Pecans

Persimmon panna cotta

I am an impulse shopper. Not all the time (fortunately for M and our financial future), but man, when I set my mind to it, I can SHOP, for as long as it takes to cover all the racks, display shelves, boxes and what-have-yous to sniff out the best bargains. It must be my Chinese […]

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