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What I’ve Been Up To…

After sharing the pear pie with you on Tuesday, we hopped onto a plane and landed in Denver just in time for…the first major winter storm of the season. Blanketing pretty much all of Colorado in a coat of white ice, the past few days have been a thrilling but nerve-wrecking experience, driving through slush and icy road conditions with limited visibility. In the words of our waiter at Fogo de Chao, “You guys chose a bad time to come to Denver!!” But did that stop me fromRead More >>

Pear Dulce De Leche Pie

Getting a little creative with this Fall pie featuring the sweetest Bartlett pears in a Dulce de Leche bath.Read More >>

Foodbuzz Community Table Dinner At Spruce

As a member of Foodbuzz’s Featured Publisher program, I’ve had the unbelievable fortune of attending two of their Community Table dinners in San Francisco in just as many months. September’s dinner at EPIC Roasthouse was a memorable evening of networking, utterly delicious food and entertaining conversation with Bay Area bloggers like Vera, Stephanie, Mark and Chef John. Three nights ago, I made my way up to the city for yet another blogger evening at the über-chic Spruce inRead More >>

Tartine Bakery

For most of my life, breakfast was an afterthought. Slumber (especially at 6am in the morning), was is my preferred state over sitting at the table, begrudgingly consuming those few slices of toast with a mug of Milo for “the most important meal of the day”. Outside of school, however, I discovered that breakfast could actually be enjoyable, even before 9am in the morning. My breakfast of choice these days always involves an espresso or a cappucino (preferably topped with just aRead More >>

Apple Tarts (Tarte Aux Pommes)

Among all the fruits in the world, I’m probably most apathetic towards apples. Perhaps it’s the time it takes to finish one – I like my fruit in quick nibbles – or its crunchy texture, that I start to tire of ploughing through the juiciest red orb even before it turns into an oxidized pulp. Another culprit for my apathy could also be that schoolteacher who told us 12-year-olds that, nutritionally speaking, apples ranked at the bottom of the list and we’d be betterRead More >>

World Bread Day 09: Moroccan bread & Baba Ganoush

Did you know that today was World Bread Day? No? Well, not to worry because I didn’t either, until a week ago when I stumbled across Kochtopf’s post about the event. An initiative of the International Union of Bakers & Baker-Confectioners, the organization selected October 16 to commemorate the joys of bread to coincide with World Food Day, which also marks the founding of UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in 1945. This year’s theme is “AchievingRead More >>

Cornbread Muffins & Cranberry Walnut Bread

When the weather starts cooling off, that’s when you know it’s time to start turning on the oven and dirtying your hands in…..flour. After a month of pudding, tarts and cakes, I was only too happy to get back to the therapeutic rhythm of kneading bread dough, shaping it and coaxing out the heady, comforting scent of freshly baked bread from a ball of dough. Picking up where I left off in the Bread Bakers’ Apprentice Challenge, here’s the last of the twoRead More >>

In Retrospect: A Month Of Desserts

In this age of Calorie Restriction and other fad diets, the concept of preparing 30 creamy, luscious, waistline-expanding desserts over the span of a month sounds almost counter-intuitive. Especially if you’re only a household of two. I’ve been asked by different folks a variety of questions about the nuts and bolts of carrying out a project like this, so I’ve listed my thoughts based on the 5 “P”s that I found important to note when creating your ownRead More >>

Tamarine: A Modern Vietnamese Restaurant

Tamarine Restaurant in downtown Palo Alto is the sort of establishment which, depending on your background, will either tempt or raise a few eyebrows when you read about its ‘Modern Vietnamese’ offerings. Having travelled a fair bit, I’ve learned (often the hard way) that the best way to identify a restaurant serving up a cuisine ‘authentic’ to its roots is to gauge the number of diners from said cuisine in the restaurant. Thus, my eyes are on the lookout forRead More >>

Risotto With Peas And Prawns

Dear Peas, An apology is long overdue. For most of my life, I avoided you like the plague, because of your wrinkled, dull green appearance when cooked, and the bland, powdery-like consistency of your frozen counterparts when tossed with carrots and corns in a sad excuse for a ‘mixed vegetable‘ stir-fry. Your cousins, the Snow Peas, were just about the only fresh peas we got in Singapore, being more resilient and travel-savvy than you are. But their thick, rubbery skins yielded anRead More >>

Six Thoughts On BlogHer Food 2009

Photo courtesy of Arnold at You would have read, or heard, by now, about the major tidbits from BlogHer’s very first food blogging conference in San Francisco at the end of September. Chief among which would be the horrors of being served Bertolli’s frozen meals for lunch, as the very suave Rocco di Spirito waltzed around the room, impressing upon us the immense ‘super powers’ we had as bloggers to shape public opinion about food. You would also have readRead More >>

Let’s Lunch! Spiced Pumpkin & Lentil Salad Recipe

To mark the changing of the seasons (and our wardrobe), the Let’s Lunch folks unanimously voted for Fall salads for this month’s lunch date. Coming from a tropical island where the weather all year round is pretty much either hot and humid or wet and humid, the concept of changing seasons is something I’m still getting used to even though this will be my third Fall season. Of course I’m absolutely delighted at the different wardrobes I could have throughout the yearRead More >>

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