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Eight letters for Bliss: Pranburi


Thailand is synonymous with idyllic islands of sparkling white beaches and cryastal clear waters, tom yum soup, Singha beer, bargain massages and a thousand smiles. Along with Bali, it was our Pavlovian response for a ‘weekend getaway’ when we were living in Singapore, and remains so, despite being halfway around the world from where we […]

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The Harvest


It’s such a joy to return home after some time away to be greeted, not by a furry four-legged creature with a wagging tail, but these ruby gems of anti-oxidants and good health, all plucked and ready for the next meal. We prepared them in a salad with a handful of garden-grown arugula, tossed in […]

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Summer Holidays


We leave today for two weeks in Southeast Asia, including a couple of days at this beach resort in Thailand, which we’re very excited about. I hope to have time to post on the trip, and will be thinking fondly of these little shoots of summer in our garden. Tomatoes Chili Radish I hope you’re […]

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Gâteau facile (et bon!) – Easy (and good!) cake

Gateau facile

Strange as it may sound, I’ve never been a fan of cakes. Chiffon, pound, cheese, cream, you name it, I’m…..passing on it. They’re like that classmate who seems “nice”, who you’d interact with occasionally, share a laugh, a look, a meal with now and then, but with whom ‘friendship’ never went deeper than the shallow […]

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BBA Challenge #4 – Brioche, je t’aime


Ahhhhh la brioche! Any cookbook with a brioche recipe has a guaranteed spot on my shelf. I cannot adequately express the depth of my love affair with this buttery cake-like bread, how I spent so many days and nights fantasizing about its airy texture and indulgently rich crumb, mentally walking through each step of Damien […]

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