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Eight letters for Bliss: Pranburi

Thailand is synonymous with idyllic islands of sparkling white beaches and cryastal clear waters, tom yum soup, Singha beer, bargain massages and a thousand smiles. Along with Bali, it was our Pavlovian response for a ‘weekend getaway’ when we were living in Singapore, and remains so, despite being halfway around the world from where we are now. Although California has its fair share of sunshine and the exotic beaches of Mexico’s Baja peninsula are just south from where weRead More >>

The Harvest

It’s such a joy to return home after some time away to be greeted, not by a furry four-legged creature with a wagging tail, but these ruby gems of anti-oxidants and good health, all plucked and ready for the next meal. We prepared them in a salad with a handful of garden-grown arugula, tossed in an olive oil, white wine and lemon vinaigrette. These tomatoes were sweet beyond belief, providing the perfect counterfoil to the spicy bite of the arugula. Delicious.Read More >>

Summer Holidays

We leave today for two weeks in Southeast Asia, including a couple of days at this beach resort in Thailand, which we’re very excited about. I hope to have time to post on the trip, and will be thinking fondly of these little shoots of summer in our garden. Tomatoes Chili Radish I hope you’re having a great summer, wherever you are, and see you soon!Read More >>

Gâteau facile (et bon!) – Easy (and good!) cake

Strange as it may sound, I’ve never been a fan of cakes. Chiffon, pound, cheese, cream, you name it, I’m…..passing on it. They’re like that classmate who seems “nice”, who you’d interact with occasionally, share a laugh, a look, a meal with now and then, but with whom ‘friendship’ never went deeper than the shallow levels of acquaintance. At birthday parties, when faced with the inevitable “Cake?” question, I relied on eitherRead More >>

BBA Challenge #4 – Brioche, je t’aime

Ahhhhh la brioche! Any cookbook with a brioche recipe has a guaranteed spot on my shelf. I cannot adequately express the depth of my love affair with this buttery cake-like bread, how I spent so many days and nights fantasizing about its airy texture and indulgently rich crumb, mentally walking through each step of Damien Pignolet’s formula, before finally making my first attempt 3 years ago. Armed with a wooden spoon and tons of elbow grease, I finally mustered the courage to bake myRead More >>

BBA Challenge #3 – Bagels

I present to you, the Recession Bagel. One of these stiff chewy rings will last you a day’s lunch and dinner – assuming of course, that you have an average Asian appetite like mine and are not training for an Ironman or Sumo event (in which case, I’d give you two). Reinhart’s recipe, which required the dough to be shaped into 4 1/2-ounce rolls, were meant to deliver 12 large bagels or 24 mini-bagels. Thinking that ‘large’ couldn’t be all that large, IRead More >>

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